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Since I’ve added a new section with personal inspirations outside the culinary world; I’ve decided to periodically share what I’ve been finding inspiration in at that particular time.

Currently: Russian Circles, in particular this song.


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This blog has been long over due for a make over (especially brightening it up), so I took the liberty the past few nights to do just that.

Among the updates:

– The entire page itself has had a face-life
– Links have been updated
– The bio and culinary synopsis sections have been made current and more cohesive.
– I changed up the old “Inspirations” page, and divided into separate pages for  both savory and pastry influences, as well as adding both musical and visual artists whose work I admire and also inspires and moves me creatively.
– There is a new sidebar item with a feed from from Twitter account.

It’s time for a fresh clean slate for new adventures.


On I-75 S, just north of the TN line.

It’s been almost a month now since Sarah and I made the move to Atlanta. And seeing as how it’s been several months since I made a substantial blog post (and well over a year since I posted with regularity), I figured it was best to begin this new adventure witha nice proper post about the move and what we’ve been up to.

The move went pretty well. Aside from the passenger side rear-view mirror falling off our moving truck just before we left, we had not a single incident on the nearly 500 mile trip, shy of a small stretch of construction just before we hit Tennessee.

The rear view mirror in question.

Not to say I wasn’t worried though. When we drove down apartment shopping a month prior to the move; I had a nasty bout of vertigo come on out of nowhere while we driving through the mountains between the Kentucky border and Knoxville, TN. Sarah finished that 50 mile stretch on the drive down, and I braved it on the way back to Louisville. The thought of driving a large moving truck (I’ve hardly drove anything larger than a compact car) and wrestling with vertigo honestly scared the shit out of me. I think worrying about the now sumo-taped rear-view mirror flying off kept my mind at bay and my worries were put to rest. Having a 14 month old we decided it was best if we broke up the drive into two legs: a 2 hour drive to my in-laws to visit and stay the night before heading out to finish drive the final stretch another nearly 7 hour adventure. Did I forget to mention that the first 2 hours I drove blind out my passenger side – having to stay in the far right lane, and call Sarah on the phone tospot me anytime I needed to pass slow moving traffic? At times that was crazy scary. Thankfully my father-in-law had a whole roll of sumo tape laying around to mummify the thing before we made the larger portion of the drive.

Upon arrival at around 7pm (rear view mirror still intact), we began unpacking as much as we could before darkness set in. Just before dark, we were met with a full on deluge of rain. When I say this rain was intense; I’m not kidding… A full on torrential downpour, and we had 1/4 of the moving truck unloaded and sitting on the sidewalk! Aside from the obvious downside to the rain, it was still welcome: I was literally soaked in sweat by that point.

Upon arrival at my in-laws, a rainbow.

We’ve been working at Rolling Bones BBQ (which is also owned/operated by Lush Life Group) in the interim, as we get closer to an official opening date for the new project we’re going to be involved with.

I’ve got to say this though: I never thought I wouldn’t miss fine-dining. It’s just so nice to kinda take a step back and take everything into perspective. It’s nice to actually (and quite literally) get my hands dirty with product again. We both come home smelling like a campfire as a result of the pecan and hickory smoke we’re enveloped in daily. I sweat until my clothes stick to me, and drips into my eyes. I hardly wear my glasses in the kitchen between the heat, sweat and smoke film.

…And I wouldn’t take one step backward.

Georgia On My Mind…

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Been laying low for a while now, so I guess it’s time to say something.
By the beginning of July, Sarah and I will be moving to Atlanta and will be working with Lush Life Group, working on their new restaurant project. More details as we get close to an opening date… but for now, stay tuned.

That big news I was talking about… Well, we pulled the plug before we even started.

Sarah and I were about to take a job as co-chefs at a restaurant here in Louisville; but started to get a lot of precautionary information from colleagues of ours that made us uncomfortable proceeding any further…

In the meantime…

Here’s some photos of dishes I’ve been doing at work in the past few months.





Valentine’s Day Dessert 2010:
smoked strawberry-maple fluid, toasted hazelnut, chocolate, jalapeno film, graham cracker, strawberry-frangelico cake, jalapeno-pickled strawberry, meringue, strawberry maserated strawberry







Parsnip, Grapefruit, Caramel:
Parsnip pound cake, parsnip-tahitian vanilla puree, pine nut-oat praline streusel, caramel powder, sumac, parsnip crisps, grapefruit cells, grapefruit-yogurt sorbet.




Bananas Foster 2012:
Rum caramelized banana, flexible chocolate, curried custard, brazil nuts, lime, plantain, brown sugar ice cream






Sesame oil-black pepper sponge cake, ginger sable dough puree, bourbon barrel soy caramel, matcha green tea powder, passion fruit fluid gel, sesame crumble, foie gras ice cream






Elements of a Traditional Holiday Dinner:
Cranberry pound cake, sweet potato-orange terrine, preserved cranberry puree, five spice meringue, apple cider fluid gel, duck fat short dough, freeze dried raisins and cranberries, cornbread stuffing ice cream



Coffee & Doughnuts:
Semolina-cardamom fritter, coffee-chocolate soil, chocolate poached pear, pear gelee, semolina shortdough, pear-chocolate stock fluid gel, marzipan-thai long pepper ice cream

I swear I’m not dead.

Big news coming soon, as well as a more timely stream of posts.

And now the fun starts…